Workshop: Statistics for Linguistics

For the first time, a workshop on statistics for linguistics will take place directly after the FLsc. Participants of the 3rd FLsc are welcome to participate, however, participation is not mandatory and does not influence your chances of participating in the FLsc itself. The workshop will take place online on August 22 and September 05, 2021.

The workshop will introduce general ideas and methods of statistics. Topics discussed include data visualization and inferential statistical methods, e.g. linear regression and linear mixed effects models. In the applied half of this course, participants will use R, a free software environment for statistical computing, and RStudio in hands-on exercises covering all theoretical aspects under discussion. Previous knowledge of the R programming language is not required; basic knowledge of descriptive statistics (i.e. summary statistics and basics of hypothesis testing) is required.


Dominic Schmitz is a research assistant and PhD student of English Linguistics at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, Germany. He is part of the research unit “Spoken Morphology”, and his work focuses on the interaction of morphology, phonology and phonetics in production, perception and comprehension. He holds a master’s degree in linguistics from the University of Cologne, Germany. Dominic has taught several courses and workshops on statistics for linguistics since 2018.

Janina Esser is a mathematician and author of mathematical non-fiction literature. She specialized in business mathematics and has specialized knowledge in analysis, linear algebra, mathematical programming, numerical analysis, and stochastics. Janina studied at TU Dortmund University, Germany, and at University of Cologne, Germany. She taught several courses and one workshop on statistics for linguistics side by side with Dominic.

Participation Fee

The participation fee depends on your personal status:

  • Participants of the 3rd FLsc
    0 Euro
  • All other participants
    20 0 Euro

All participants will receive thoroughly prepared course materials including prepared data sets and practical instructions, exercises and solutions.


Applications are closed. They were open until May 31, 2021 (10.00pm, GMT+1). Notifications of acceptance will be sent until mid of June. 

As there are still a few spots left, we re-opened registration until August 12, or until all spots are filled. Find the registration form here.

All spots are filled. Thank you for signing up!

Information for Participants

Please follow this link for more information. Use the password provided via email to access this page.